Michelle McBain

Michelle McBain

Channel Marketing Suite

JSG is Tech's Go-To Partner for Channel Marketing

We offer distinct marketing solutions to help increase our clients’ return on marketing spend and improve demand generation.  Our services in this area include Event Planning and Staffing, Keynotes at Tech Industry Conferences, Break-out sessions at company sales kickoff meetings, as well as Branding Solutions, Design and Creative Services, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Development Funds packages.  Below is a brief snapshot of each:

Event Planning and Staffing 

We will help you plan your booth layout, collateral content creation, layout and design, up to and including supporting you with knowledgeable tech channel experts to augment booth staffing requirements.

Keynotes, Round-Tables, and Panels

We have several talented speakers on our staff who are available to create and deliver rousing keynotes, moderate round-table discussions, or participate in panels at tech industry events.

Brand Positioning

Our branding services involve the development of value proposition for your firm and solutions portfolio, inclusive of production-ready collateral, partner portals and micro-sites, and channel prospecting campaigns.

Design Services

We offer design solutions to ensure that your materials have a look and feel consistent with brand message and value proposition, inclusive of design and concept development, content ideation and creation (brochures, pitch decks, presentations).

Social Media & Digital Marketing

We offer 9 and 12-month contracts, with extension rights, with a choice of 2 social media platforms, with persona specific content calendar delivered monthly, complimentary persona questionnaire, social media profile assessment, and press release, with monthly profile readouts provided.

MDF Benefits Development 

Industry and segment-specific market research to determine optimal benefits packages perceived by channel eco-system community, development of high-impact MDF program benefits for your partner universe based on qualitative and quantitative metrics, with optional management of MDF administration.